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Spanish Exercises - Comparatives and Superlatives

  1. Mi madre tiene mi padre.
    My mother has less patience (paciencia) than my father.
  2. Hago mi hermana.
    I do as many exercises (ejercicios) as my sister does.
  3. Juan tú.
    Juan reads (leer) as much as you do.
  4. Mis hermanas yo.
    My sisters read (leer) more than I do.
  5. Mi casa es tu casa.
    My house is as big (grande) as your house.
  6. Nueva York es la ciudad los ciudades grandes.
    New York is the most famous (famoso) city of the big cities.
  7. Vas a empezar yo.
    You will begin earlier (temprano) than I will.
  8. Es la película María ha visto.
    It is the least interesting (interesante) film María has seen.
  9. Este coche es aquél.
    This car is cleaner (limpio) than that one.

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